About the Business Caucus

The NH House Business Caucus is a non-partisan group of like-minded current NH House members, focused on evaluating and supporting legislation that promotes job creation and expansion of the economic base through strong, responsible business growth and success.

The NH House Business Caucus was created in January, 2011 by Representative Laurie Sanborn.  Under her leadership, the Business Caucus has grown to become the largest and most powerful voice for small business and job creation issues in the history of our Legislature.

The NH House Business Caucus meets regularly to review all legislation for its direct impact on for-profit companies, and makes recommendations to the entire House on Session (voting) days.   As we evaluate legislation, we strive to improve NH’s competitiveness with other states, foster free market forces, reduce barriers to entry, reduce unnecessary regulations, red tape and costs, and encourage entrepreneurship and responsible business growth and success.

About the Chair

Representative Laurie Sanborn created the NH House Business Coalition in January, 2011, after she was elected for a first term and discovered a caucus of legislators focused on business issues, the economy and jobs did not exist.

She wanted to bring together like-minded House members who ran for office with the same desire to improve the economy and promote job creation in New Hampshire.

Representative Sanborn is a small business owner herself, currently operating a restaurant with her husband Andy in Concord.  Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, she spent 15 years running Human Resources and Operations for New Hampshire corporations in the financial, environmental, and health care industries.  She has served on the Board of Directors for numerous organizations, including the American Red Cross, Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce, and the Business Finance Authority.  She graduated Summa cum Laude from Simmons College.

Representative Sanborn strives to keep the dialogue continually open between the business community and the legislature, and welcomes ideas, feedback and input from both.


For more information or to get involved with the NH House Business Caucus, please contact:

Rep. Laurie Sanborn
Phone: (603) 682-1557
Email: repsanborn [at] gmail.com