NH Rankings

New Hampshire does not operate in a vacuum; we need to compete with other states to attract and retain the best employers and entrepreneurs.  When we created the NH House Business Caucus, we looked at how our state compared to others.  The following ratings give us a “snapshot” of how New Hampshire is perceived in terms of its business friendly nature, comparing our rankings from a few years ago to today.


Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council

Business Tax Index 2015:  Best to Worst State Tax Systems for Entrepreneurship and Small Business

NH is rated 30# in the nation, up from 34th back in 2010.



Tax Foundation

NH is ranked 7th overall in state business tax climate, primarily due to the absence of a major tax.  In terms of its corporate tax rank, we improved from 50th in the nation (dead last) in 2011, to 48th in 2015.




State’s Small Business Friendliness Survey

NH is ranked A+in overall friendliness, up from B- in 2014.



While progress has been made, there is more work to be done.  The long-term vision of the House Business Caucus is to make New Hampshire the best state overall in the nation to do business.  Our goals include making steady improvements in these ratings, and we will provide snapshots like this on a periodic basis to track our progress.