CONCORD – Today the New Hampshire House voted to pass SB126, a bill that significantly improves the environment in which auto and equipment dealers operate in our state.

SB 126 updates the Dealer Bill of Rights New Hampshire has had in law for 40 years, improving fairness for motor vehicle and equipment dealers and enabling them to run their operations more independently from manufacturer mandates.

“The final vote of 338 to 30 shows how pro-business legislators and local business owners can work together to improve the business environment in New Hampshire,” said House Business Caucus Chairman Representative Laurie Sanborn (R, Bedford).  “Passage of this bill will help preserve family dealerships and enable them to better succeed here.  It will also allow New Hampshire dealers to purchase more goods and services from local companies, keeping expenses down and further helping the economy in our state.”

Representative Laura Jones (R, Rochester), a member of the House Commerce Committee and House Business Caucus added, “Equipment dealers face the same pressures from manufacturers as auto dealers, and the bill includes them under RSA 357-C just as snowmobiles and off-road RVs were included back in 2002.”