The House Business Caucus is pleased to have played an integral part in the successful passage of numerous pro-business bills that, in big ways and in small, improve the environment for economic and job growth in our state.  Below, you will find partial list of our successes:

  • Doubled the Research & Development Tax Credit and made it permanent (SB1)
  • Increased the record keeping Safe Harbor under a reasonable compensation audit from $50,000 to $75,000 (HB598)
  • Established an integrated land permit option (SB124) and shortened the process for appealing permitting decisions related to dredge and fill in wetlands (HB416)
  • Allowed restaurants to sell alcohol until 2 am if authorized by local ordinance (HB575)
  • Encouraged economic development in the North Country by promoting OHRV use.  (Protected land owners against liability for trail maintenance (SB108); Allowed new, wider “side by side” ATVs on trails (HB574); and Clarified the use of these machines on public highways where permitted (HB383))
  • Preserved Landlord rights by allowing under certain circumstances to assert that the tenant has abandoned the property (HB413).
  • Improved fairness and flexibility for our state’s motor vehicle and equipment dealers by updating the NH Dealer Bill of Rights (SB126)
  • Updated our NH Business Corporations Act (SB41)
  • Passed a budget on time, giving business owners and entrepreneurs much-needed predictability and stability in their relationship with state government (HB1&2)

We want to thank the pro-business Senators who also did their part in supporting these bills, and for all of the business leaders who came to the State House to testify.  We cannot do this alone.


As always, we welcome your feedback, input and ideas as we continue to do everything we can to improve the environment for responsible businesses to operate, succeed, grow and hire in our state.  Please don’t hesitate to email me at anytime at